Whew… it has been too long since the last suffer.

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This Sunday June 2nd at 3am… we are gonna fix that. We will start on the summit of iron mountain and bike/ run/ kayak down to foster lake (climb two spires along the way) and then bike back to Corvallis… We are pumped to have a bunch of old friends coming along! See the embedded photos to help get the stoke on…

Sufferthon on the Dirtbag Diaries

Hi All,

We’ve had the great honor of being featured on the Dirtbag Diaries, for an episode titled….The Suffe6a00d8341d07fd53ef017d3f0be04c970c-300wirthon!  We are very excited to be a part of the Diaries and are avid listeners. Be sure to check out their other great stories at http://www.dirtbagdiaries.com/.

As always we know that we couldn’t have done this alone, special thanks to Kevin Hopper, Aaron Hartz, Becca Cahall, Stormy Given and Anya Crea Vance.

Keep on suffering and stay tuned for the next epic.

McKenzie Pass(out)

Hey All,

Thanks for sticking with us over the summer, your loyalty is about to be rewarded!  Josh just left on his family mega road trip (a sufferthon of its own with two young kids) but before he left we found the time to plan the next in the suffer seriers.

We’re calling it the “McKenzie Pass(out)”. We start at the top of the McKenzie pass on Hwy 242, we’ll then trail run to the top of Belnap Crater and back ~12 miles.  We then hop on my vintage Schwin Twin Tandem (outfitted with a supplemental break system) and ride down 242 20 miles to the junction with Hwy 126 where we’ll ditch the tandem and jump in to kayaks on the McKenzie River.  ~60 miles later we’ll exit the boats in Springfield and start the final leg on the Tandem to  a fine food and drink establishment for refreshments.

Mark your calendars, September 13th it’s on. Check out a map of the route below.

As always make sure to check back later to see updates and a post suffer video.