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We all have moments of pain and doubt, but what happens when they are self-inflicted adventures that cause them? And what does it say when its fun?

Summit to Sea Sufferthon

Hello Endurophiles,

I often wonder what it is that drives me to continue to dream up ways to push and challenge myself.  After a the muscle soreness has eased and new running shoes have been purchased, I again find my self dreaming of other outlandish routes and Sufferthons.  Should the next adventure be entirely self supported?  How many bikes can a canoe hold?  Can we tow a canoe behind a bike?  How can we incorporate skiing in to our route?  The bottle of ibuprofen might be half empty but the well of inspiration is bubbling over.

With this in mind we propose the next Grand Tour:

Sufferthon 2 –  Summit to Sea

From the summit of Mt. Hood a 36 hour dash to the coast via skis, bikes, white water kayaks and of course running in purple tights.

Planning the next Grand Tour (a short distraction from the work day)

Why?  Why the hell heck not?


Welcome Potential Suffer Serialist

Hey You!

You should know a few things:

  1. The content of this blog will undoubtedly make you cringe and may cause you to doubt yourself.
  2. You should stop reading and consult a therapist if you feel the urge to attempt similar acts
  3. If you do attempt to suffer-thon please document well, no one will believe you (trust us) so video and photographic evidence to backup eye witness testimony is a must.

That’s all for now


The Suffer Crew